Fascinating things you should know about Moto GP

moto GP

Let’s see some fascinating things about the world renowned Moto GP.

  1. An average speed of 160 km ph

As per the statistics, a Moto GP rider maintains an average speed over 160 km per hour. Some bikes have over 250 horsepower, which is a monstrous power for a two wheeler. Because of this powerful engine, Moto GP bikes can reach over 90 KM per hour within less than 3 seconds.

  1. Moto GP riders sweat a lot

Moto GP riders engage in an incredible amount of physical activities during a race. As a result of this, they lose a considerable amount of sweat although it is not observable easily. On a hot and humid day, a rider might lose up to 4 liters of sweat less than one hour.

  1. Modern bikes are smarter than you think

Modern Moto GP bikes are monitored with a variety of smart sensors; that is why some claim that these motorcycles resemble more of a smart machine. The indicators mounted on the motorcycles show every critical data to facilitate an effective, faster ride. Moreover, these indicators can even assist the rider in shifting gears.

  1. Best rider suits are made of Kangaroo leather

Every rider needs good leather to assist their activities during the ride. Leading suit brands in the market today are made with Kangaroo leather; they are flexible, thin and incredibly protective.

  1. They are heavy

It is a requirement that all the Moto GP bikes should weigh 350 pounds at the least. So, in practical conditions, riding a bike is harder than you think right?

Moto GP is a truly exciting event. It requires a lot of dynamism, flexibility, concentration and quick reaction time to succeed in this event. That is why healthy mind and body are common characteristics among these riders.


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