What is VAT? How Can We Register for VAT?

Register for VAT

VAT stands for Value Added Tax. VAT in some countries is known as goods and services tax (GST). It is a type of general consumption tax. It is the tax on the amount by which the value if a good has been increased at each stage of its production or distribution. Are you looking for answers on how to register for VAT? If yes, then keep on reading the article.

Register for VAT

You can register for VAT online. Online registration is the most convenient. Most businesses or companies can easily register online. They can all register under one VAT number.

Registering online

  • If you need to register online, you need to make a VAT online account. It can also be known as the Government Gateway account.
  • You need to submit your VAT returns to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC)

Registering using an agent

If you don’t feel like registering online for VAT, you can hire an agent or an accountant to do it for you. He can get you to register for VAT. He can help you submit your VAT returns. He can also deal with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) on your behalf.

  • After receiving your VAT number from HMRC, you can sign up for a VAT online account.
  • You can go online and can select the option ‘VAT submit returns’.

Registration by post

If you don’t want to register for VAT using an agent or online, you still can do registration by post.

There are three types through which you can register for VAT by post.

VAT1A: this would be for you if you are an EU business distance selling to the UK.

VAT1B: this would be for you if you import goods worth more than £85,000 from another EU country.

VAT1C: this would be for you if you’re disposing of assets on which 8th or 13th Directive refunds have been claimed.

You will get a VAT Registration certificate within 14 working days. It sometimes can take a bit longer. You need to provide your business activity and bank details. Your registration date is known as the ‘effective date of registration’.

I hope this articled helped you to know how to register for VAT. For more information look on our website.

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