How to open company in the UK as non-residents

Is it possible to open company for non-UK residents? To answer quite simply, yes it is possible. You can register and operate a UK company as a non-resident from anywhere around the globe. Online submissions of company forming applications are accepted readily and no complications are created if the documents are complete.

You have an option of coming to the UK to open company and administer the whole process yourself, or you can employ any one of the numerous organisations operating online that will do everything from the start till the end for you emerging company.

Your applications and all the legal obligations you will be tied to are similar to those residing in the UK. Citizenship is not required for you to incorporate a company in the UK.

Below mentioned is the process and requirements, briefly described:


  1. First, check if the proposed company name is available
  2. Secondly, register the business with the Companies House
  3. Then you are required to register for corporation tax
  4. Open a bank account in your company?s name
  5. Register for value added tax.


If you open company in the UK you must first get it registered. You will be required to register with the Companies House in England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland. For registration to be complete, at least one director and one shareholder will be necessary.

Office Address

A registered office address will be required. This has to be your official company address that is decided upon when you are in the initial stages of setting up your company.

Use a formation agent

The quickest and easiest way to form a company in the UK is by using a formation agent. Since everything is done online, applications take around 3-6 hours to get approved.

Transfer of documents

Conveniently, traveling to the UK is not required to open company in the UK. You are also not required to speak on the telephone or post any documents or sign any contracts. You can simply upload the documents in an electronic method and create a separate online signature to authorize your registration.

Packages for Non-UK residents to open company

To make the process of setting up a company as easy as possible for those residing outside of UK, a non-residents package is specially designed and introduced at a reasonable price.

It includes the following points:

  • London business and service address
  • Ready to trade company within 3 working hours
  • Registered office service in London
  • Flexible price plans and The World pay merchant accountant
  • Open access to the online admins portal
  • Incorporation documents in digital and printed forms
  • Courier delivery of your company documents
  • Value Added Tax Registration
  • Consultation with an accountant for free
  • International mail forwarding services
  • Free support for the duration of your company?s existence

As a non-UK resident, you can open company within 2 days. You have the option of either doing it yourself or hiring professional accounting services to do it for you. It is recommended that you employ a well-established Chartered accountant for your company, this way you will avoid any discrepancies.